FES Flower Essence kit

How do flower essences work and help us?

Flower essences safe effective and simple way to manage our emotional balance and stress.

How we experience life from moment to moment and day to day is largely determined by our thoughts and how we view the world. Our mind and thoughts have immense power

When we use flower essences our thoughts shift and change occurs on many levels;  How we see ourselves, how we interpret what is happening around us and how we see the wider world. New possibilities and opportunities may become apparent

They help us see more clearly what is happening, access our inner strength and instincts; effectively

 A well-selected flower essence blend can provide

  • Support through many challenging and stressful times
  • Insight and self-awareness into our emotional responses in various situations
  • Ability to see ourselves and situation from another perspective – effectively stepping outside of our mental and emotional responses – gifting us ‘a birds-eye view’ of our situation.
  • Support and strengthen as we process, accept and adapt to integrate and overcome past difficult emotions and trauma
  • A safe, effective and simple way to manage our emotional balance and stress.

For more information on flower essences:

Each flower essence has ‘a personality profile’ of various themes and strengths. If you are interested in more in-depth information on each of the FES or English flower essences, the Flower Essence Repertory is a wonderful tool and workbook to aid flower essence selection.

For more information on flower essences, their use and global research projects  go to  flower essences  flowersociety.org

History of Flower essences

The essences of flowers have been used for centuries by many ancient cultures to balance and heal emotions.

In the 1930’s Dr Edward Bach recognised the connection between his patients’ ill health and their emotions and attitudes. He realised that to benefit his patients, their mental and emotional situation had to be included in their treatment.  He then went on to develop his system of flower essences for healing emotions. His 38 essences continue to be widely used today, and well known as the Bach, or English essences.

In the 1970s The Flower Essence Society (FES) in North America continued further with Dr Bach’s work. They began researching and carried out clinical trials on many new essences. Some more specifically relevant to the stress and challenges of today’s modern times.

These new essences extend the range of situations that can be addressed by Dr Bach’s original flower essences. The Flower Essence Society continues to provide a wealth of quality information and studies on flower essences. To see more of the wonderful work they do go to Flower Essence Society

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