Calm + Connected

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Calm + Connected – support in our changing world flower essence blend

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About Calm + Connected:

Calm + Connected  – support in our changing world. This flower essence blend was created to provide support to manage this time and adapt to our new lifestyles in the best possible way.

We will all need a little wellbeing support at times to help us manage and adapt to the different changes ahead. We are social beings and being separated from family and the physical distancing is going to be a challenge Calm + Connected will help give us support in our changing world

If we can each draw on our inner strength and share that with others, it will help us come out the other side of this situation in the best possible way with the best possible outcome.

Calm + Connected support in our changing world

  • Soothe and comfort after shock or trauma
  • Instil faith and confidence, we can get through this and we will be ok
  • Release fear and worry for our loved ones, help us think more positively and calmly when under stress
  • Strengthen our self-confidence and courage
  • Inspire hope and inclusive openhearted warmth for all, we are all in the same boat together
  • Ground and stabilise, help focus our thoughts on practical tasks, this helps diffuse anxiety about the future and be present in the moment
  • Feel grateful and appreciative for all we have – so lucky to be where we are. Millions of people are not so fortunate, we are well supported, although the future is unclear and our lives will be different. There is great strength and healing in feeling gratitude and positivity.
  • Open-minded – keep our minds open to the new opportunities and possibilities that will arise, giving space for creativity
  • Increase vitality  and  inspire creative thinking

Calm + Connected -1st new Well & Truly blend in 21 years

We had just finished celebrating our  21st-year since launching our Well & Truly range before the lockdown. It felt completely right to create Calm + Connected to support in our changing world and this inspired the beginning of our new Well & Truly rebranding and update process.


Calm + Connected            S.O.S.        Chill Out

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