Change Flower essence blend

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Change flower essence blend, inspires and motivates action to change. ‘Change’ also strengthens and supports us when struggling to adapt to lifestyle changes.

Use Change to inspire and motivate action when:

  • Seeking a new direction and not knowing where to start
  • Creating an action plan e.g. A new career, study course,  health regime, diet or exercise plan
  • Changing or overcoming a lifestyle pattern
  • Postponing decisions made

Change is also helpful when it is difficult to accept or adapt to lifestyle changes:

  • Moving to a new home, school, job or country – especially if it is not your choice e.g. children, elderly, or for family commitments or health reasons
  • Family dynamic changes – a new step-parent,  loss of a family member or birth of a sibling
  • Adapting and settling into a new environment
  • How to use Change flower essence blend:

    When changing habits or behavioural patterns, use ‘Change’ as often as needed. Take a spray or 3 drops whenever you lose focus or your intent about the changes you wish to make. Repeat as often and when needed.

    Change flower essence blend combines the FES North American flower essences Alpine Aster, Explorers Gentian, Californian Poppy, Cayenne, Morning Glory and Nicotiana and the English/Bach flower essences Chestnut Bud & Walnut

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