Sweet Dreams


Sweet Dreams flower essence blend 30 ml bottle with spray top

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Sweet Dreams helps calm and settle disturbed sleep patterns, promoting sound restful sleep. Sweet Dreams is useful for a variety of sleep disturbances and is safe and effective for the whole family.


Calm and settle disturbed sleep, soothes after waking with nightmares

Difficulty going to sleep – relaxes the mind when busy thoughts disturb and unsettle.

Helps re-establish sleep patterns that have been disturbed after:

  • Childbirth- waking frequently to feed a new baby
  • Working night shifts/extended late nights
  • Travelling through different time zones – body clock confusion
  • Nursing/caring for a person or sick child
  • Emotional overwhelm

Sweet Dreams is also wonderful  for babies and infants:

  • Sleep patterns disrupted after teething or illness
  • Lively excitable infants, who want to be active and part of everything
  • Simply overtired and cannot settle
  • Change of routine
  • Calm, settle disturbed sleep

Drops or spray can be smoothed into the temples, inner wrists or on to the fontanelle.

If sleep has been disturbed for some time, to reprogramme sleep patterns, we suggest:

  • Take a few drops/spray in the evening after dinner and again before bed. Have the Sweet Dreams beside your bed and if you have trouble going to sleep, take drops every 10 minutes until you settle into sleep
  • If your problem is, waking after a short sleep and struggling to get back to sleep, then take drops or spray every 5 – 10 minutes after waking, until you do go back to sleep. It may take a couple of days for sleep patterns to settle. After a few days, your need to repeat as frequently should reduce. 
  • Use Sweet Dreams to help calm settle disturbed sleep and create a new sleep pattern and habit