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  • Fear Less - Flourish Formula


    Fear-Less Combines flower essences to provide composure and containment when challenged by fear, anxiety or panic

  • FES Flower Essence Repertory


    FES Flower Essence Repertory lists the 103 North American FES Flower essences and 38 Bach/English essences. The repertory has a paperback cover with spine binding.

  • FES Stock Essences D - L

    from $0.00

    FES 7.5 ml Stock essences, Quintessential and Range of Light flower essences created by the Flower Society.

  • FES Stock Essences S - Z


    Save 22%

  • Focus

    from $27.00

    Enhances and sustains memory retention, mental clarity and concentration

  • Focus for Pets


    Focus flower essence blend for pets, helpful for training and teaching pets.

  • Joy of Life

    from $27.00

    Joy of Life - Lift spirits, boost enthusiasm exciting that 'Joie de Vivre' feeling

  • Light Heart

    from $27.00

    Light Heart Flower essence blend, eases sadness and grief

  • Light Heart for Pets


    Light Heart flower essence blend for pets experiencing separation anxiety, pining and grief.

  • Magenta Self-Healer


    Magenta Self-Healer encourages self healing potential and stimulates physical vitality

  • Post-Trauma Stabiliser


    Post-Trauma Stabiliser Flourish Formula soothes and stabilises after trauma and shock

  • S.O.S

    from $27.00

    S.O.S. flower essence blend calms & stabilises in times of stress and emergencies

  • S.O.S. for Cats & Kittens


    S.O.S. flower essence blend for Cats & Kittens to calm and soothe in emergencies and stress.

  • Speak Out

    from $27.00

    Speak Out flower essence blend promotes confidence in speech and self expression

  • Stay Strong


  • Sweet Dreams

    from $27.00

    Sweet Dreams calms and soothes disturbed sleep patterns

  • Willpower

    from $27.00

    Willpower flower essence blend inspires enthusiasm and motivates determination

  • Yarrow Environmental Solution


    YES combines Arnica, Echinacea, Pink, White & Golden Yarrow in herbal tincture and flower essence form with Celtic Salt to create a powerful tonic and immune strengthening blend.

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